Witch-Cult Abbey

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The hardback limited edition of my latest novel, in various lettered, numbered, et al, incarnations is now available for pre-order from Zagava.


Enjoy them while you can.

Mark S.





Reach Out and Touch Faith

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And embrace the future of a Weird Fiction beyond the dead-end of Nihilism.

Mark S.

Happy Brexit Day

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About time too.

Mark S.

In the EU if you disobey the rules, you get cut off, and told to remove the flags.

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Thank you and goodbye. We love Europe but not the EU.

Mark S.

Lower than Vermin

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Apparently, the puerile idea that you’re either a rabid socialist or else you’re lower than vermin is still trying to make a comeback, even after being absolutely routed of late at the ballot box. For my own part, I prefer the idea of noblesse oblige. And so do the British people.

Mark S.


I’m in Love with this Woman

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Mark S.

Cultural Imperative for the West.

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Sic transit gloria mundi. R.I.P. Sir Roger Scruton.


Mark S.