The Age of Decayed Futurity

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Pre-orders now available from Hippocampus Press:

And in the words of the Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael Dirda:

“Reader, you won’t regret buying this volume of “the best of Mark Samuels”: these are wonderful stories that will leave you shaken and stirred. Unreliable narration, Lovecraftian nightmare, psychological dislocation, pervasive unease, monstrous entities, numinous climaxes and, throughout, elegant prose—what more could one want from modern urban horror? Start reading The Age of Decayed Futurity and you will understand why Ramsey Campbell called Mark Samuels “the contemporary British master of visionary weirdness.”

The Age of Decayed Futurity: The Best of Mark Samuels

Mark S.

A Brave New World

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Mark S.

Lost Weekend 2008

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Here’s something from the archives: a snap from the signing of Best New Horror #19 in, um, Nottingham I suppose (I can’t quite recall).

Ramsey Campbell, Reggie Oliver, me, and Simon Strantzas. Quite a line-up…!

Mark S.

The Occasion Had to be Marked

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Since I could count the number of folk from the British weird fiction community who publicly supported Brexit on the fingers of one hand (and I’m struggling to get further than just two, me included) I suppose I shall have to chance annoying the cultural bien pensant yet again. Nothing against Europe, just the EU. I just don’t conflate the two.

Happy 2021 to all!

Mark S.

Go Back At Once

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to borrow a buzz-word. Wow, things over there at the TLO appear to have improved so dramatically it’s now almost become a thriving beacon for go-getting, hard-working, capitalist folk who choose not to sit around all day bemoaning the malignant uselessness of existence and, instead of waiting for state-aid, actually put some effort into writing and publishing weird fiction post Tom Ligotti. It’s as if the dismal old place had a new lease of life and had finally repudiated philosophical pessimism.

Keep up the good work! I salute you all.


Anyway, here’s an anthem for the TLO’s fresh start.

Mark S.

Dear Rue Morgue Magazine

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If you decide a book is your choice for “best single-author collection of 2020” then you could, at the very least, get its title correct.

I suppose others, more desperate for such attention, would be flattered.

Mark S.

Best New Horror #30

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I think Steve Jones has been highly courageous to choose this homage story of mine, “Posterity”, for inclusion in BNH#30. It’s bound to rub the usual suspects up the wrong way…

Then again, what else are mavericks for?

Anyway, buy the book. It’s well worth it. And especially if you appreciate Robert Aickman tributes!

Best New Horror #30

Mark S.