The Age of Decayed Futurity

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Pre-orders now available from Hippocampus Press:

And in the words of the Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael Dirda:

“Reader, you won’t regret buying this volume of “the best of Mark Samuels”: these are wonderful stories that will leave you shaken and stirred. Unreliable narration, Lovecraftian nightmare, psychological dislocation, pervasive unease, monstrous entities, numinous climaxes and, throughout, elegant prose—what more could one want from modern urban horror? Start reading The Age of Decayed Futurity and you will understand why Ramsey Campbell called Mark Samuels “the contemporary British master of visionary weirdness.”

The Age of Decayed Futurity: The Best of Mark Samuels

Mark S.


“A Private Show for the Loonies”

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So much “openness, diversity, tolerance and inclusion” on display for another point of view.

Alas, it’s just the same old TLO Doctor Locrian guff. Viz:

NOT A (crypto-) MARXIST (sympathiser) = A (crypto-) NAZI (sympathiser).

Mark S.

If You’ve Got a Blacklist I Want to Be on It.

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Candace, you angel.

Meh. I stopped listening to Billy Bragg twenty years ago. When he bought a mansion in Devon or somewhere. Still, amusing.

Mark S.

It’s Official!

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No newcomers will now be able to sign up to my Patreon feed! A terrible shame, because at the end of this month I’ll begin posting my memoir Confessions of An Author of Weird Fiction on there. Still, it’s only going to be Volume One (1967 to 2003) so please don’t grind your teeth too much in frustration. It’ll see publication eventually. Possibly. Maybe not.

Mark S.


It’s Complete Bedlam

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Here’s a very, very generous and welcome review brought to my attention by someone who was doubtless searching for more Jethro Tull videos.

On the less positive side, in said review the ghastly events of the story “Apartment 205” seem to have been moved two hundred doors along to “Apartment 405”. And, as much as I, too, share the love for The Man Who Collected Machen, I think you’ll find that four stories from it (“The Black Mould”, “Thyxxolqu”, “Regina vs. Zoskia”, and “The Age of Decayed Futurity”) and not just a mere two (that distinction belongs alone to Written in Darkness) were included in the book The Age of Decayed Futurity.

Mark S.

The Man Who Collected Machen

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Behold, this new Zagava edition is now available for pre-order! With a superlatively wonderful cover painting by Joseph Dawson of Arthur Machen (in Monkish mode) from the 1890s!

The Man Who Collected Machen

This stunningly beautiful edition of the most fully-up-to-date texts will also feature an introduction by my very dear old friend, Godfrey Brangham, acknowledged Welsh master of Machenology.

Mark S.

A Brave New World

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