Tell One Lie to Hurt Us All, then Two to Make it True

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And this is what passes, unchallenged, for truth on the TLO. Make a false accusation like that against the privileged TLO controller and see how you get on. Pathetic. If you can’t call a person fascist then why not try “alt-right” (whatever nonsense that is this week).

I really don’t know how some folk live with their consciences and their past utterances. Actually, I do. They’re avowed anti-democratic Marxists or sympathisers and no amount of misdirection, hatred, lies and wounding of others is beneath them in the idea that the end justifies their means. Sure, I’m a conservative and traditionalist . But I’m also a democrat, and fully prepared to stand against banning (even in this sad case where I reached out to the particular cry-bully poster in genuine sympathy) and the rights of free-speech, which you’re patently not willing to defend, to your eternal shame and as a genuine totalitarian.


This is the anthem for you and your ilk who have done nothing worthwhile. Sing along, why don’t you?

Mark S.

British Metal: E.U. Rust

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Mark S.


Ex Occidente: From Yesterday to Tomorrow

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Couldn’t resist.

Turn the volume up.

Mark S.

The TLO is the Ne Plus Ultra of the Pits

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Seriously, how long can it carry on with its current crop of posters? The only folk there with any serious intent are the endless self-promoters with personal business interests who use it as an advertising vehicle and who trade on their Ligotti association.  One should say hurrah for capitalism. And one might well do so, were it not for the mass of talentless millennials who embarrass themselves with unchallenged and empty Leftist-nihilistic gnostic propaganda masquerading as worthwhile content. The thing has long gone the way of Shocklines. Tragic. Truly tragic.

Mark S.

Quite What the TLO thinks It’s Improved Upon is Anyone’s Guess

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Despite papering over the non-https cracks etc, you’ll still get any password you use stolen, you can’t even control your own content should you be considered an “unperson” (but then described by the resident ventriloquist as a retrospective “guest” even after ten years of posting). Alas, its few remaining devotees are still entirely a cabal of self-serving Leftist ideological nihilists (or pessimists, take your pick) with absolutely no conscience.

Me? I prefer this approach to such Leftist bullying.


Mark S.


What the Hell is the TLO Now for Except for the Ego of Its Controller?

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It’s about as much use as the EU whose greatest assets have already walked out (or are the verge of doing so ). All that remains are the virtue-signalling haters and reality-deniers clinging to its wreckage. They’re not unbiased or neutral, they’re not really interested in weird fiction; they want extreme Leftist supremacy at all costs. Conservatives like an an Aickman or a Machen, were those two around now, would be regarded as anathema simply for their politics rather than their ability. To extend the metaphor: If you support the current TLO you support the tyranny of the Left. This is not hyperbole. There is an extensive list of former, illustrious supporters who have left and are now highly conspicuous by their continued absence.


Mark S.

Fan Mail

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“Child of Old Leech: aka” now grinds his teeth at any dissent posted anywhere on the internet. Even Goodreads isn’t safe. Complete elimination of any author to the right of Maxim Gorky is surely the only sensible course left to the last of the remaining regular posters of the TLO.





Huh? Projection, much?

Dear me.


Mark S.