Witch-Cult Abbey

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The hardback limited edition of my latest novel, in various lettered, numbered, et al, incarnations is now available for pre-order from Zagava.


Enjoy them while you can.

Mark S.





Left and Right: the War is Over

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Put aside old political grievances. We all need one another. We need to trust one another in these monstrously dark times. Whether you are Tory or Socialist: we are all human beings. And more unites us than could ever divide us.

Mark S.


Revenge Doesn’t Work, So I Love The Worst

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Don’t try getting even with those who have annoyed you in the past. I’ve been there. It’s always a further disappointment, even if you “succeed”. Try reaching out with kindness and understanding instead. And even if they don’t respond, it’s still good in the greater scheme of things. Left, Right and Centre haters: take note.


Mark S.

Self-Isolated since 1988

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But still Dedicated to The Weird.

Samuels Aickman

Stay safe and well, friends and would-be enemies alike; you’re all still in my thoughts and prayers, whether you want to be or not.

Mark S.

Une charogne, Charles Baudelaire

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“Many of those to whom Baudelaire finds an echo, see, in his passionate longing ‘pour trouver du nouveau’, their own aspiration towards something beyond themselves and the pitiable quest for material comfort and happiness, something in which to lose themselves, a return to a spiritual philosophy of life, to a difficult religion which will make demands on man for effort and sacrifice and will not play him false.” Enid Starkie.

Mark S.

Reach Out and Touch Faith

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And embrace the future of a Weird Fiction beyond the dead-end of Nihilism.

Mark S.

Happy Brexit Day

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About time too.

Mark S.