Best New Horror #30

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I think Steve Jones has been highly courageous to choose this homage story of mine, “Posterity”, for inclusion in BNH#30. It’s bound to rub the usual suspects up the wrong way…

Then again, what else are mavericks for?

Anyway, buy the book. It’s well worth it. And especially if you appreciate Robert Aickman tributes!

Best New Horror #30

Mark S.

Lovecraft Mythos Flame Tree Anthology

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Update: 14th November 2020.

It’s arrived!

Lovecraft Mythos coverHere’s another chance to read my story “A Gentleman From Mexico” in print. Genuine, heartfelt, non-ironic and special thanks to Ramsey Campbell, who seems always to lurk behind the kindly notion that I should not be allowed to fade away into complete weird fiction obscurity. It’s good to have the #1 guarding your back.

Lovecraft Gothic Fantasy Anthology Flame Tree

Mark S.




The Age of Decayed Futurity

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Pre-orders now available from Hippocampus Press:

And in the words of the Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael Dirda:

“Reader, you won’t regret buying this volume of “the best of Mark Samuels”: these are wonderful stories that will leave you shaken and stirred. Unreliable narration, Lovecraftian nightmare, psychological dislocation, pervasive unease, monstrous entities, numinous climaxes and, throughout, elegant prose—what more could one want from modern urban horror? Start reading The Age of Decayed Futurity and you will understand why Ramsey Campbell called Mark Samuels “the contemporary British master of visionary weirdness.”

The Age of Decayed Futurity: The Best of Mark Samuels

Mark S.

Condoms In The Schools

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If only more folk were as obsessed as the astute Mr. Isis is with my much-neglected, earlier literary “work”!

Mark S.

A Starred Review from Publishers Weekly for The Age of Decayed Futurity

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PW Review of The Age of Decayed Futurity

I am not sure exactly what the star means, but assume it indicates some measure of distinction. Anyway, it’s certainly a generous appraisal from whoever wrote it.

Mark S.

Penumbra #1

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PenumbraFeaturing a brand-new cosmic tale from my pen “If Destiny Still Reigns” and also a never-before-seen English language translation by me of Stefan Grabinski’s revealing autobiograhical essay “Confessions”. What more could you possibly want?

Mark S.

Ancient Philosophy.

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“All philosophers are tyrannized by logic: and logic, by its nature, is optimism.” Nietszche.

You say that as if it’s a bad thing …

Mark S.


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Those who have ordered the Zagava stand-alone volume of this story may find that the last page has been incorrectly rendered by the printers. As issued the last few lines on the final page read:

“though the actual noise she heard sounded more”

and then nothing: just a complete blank. It should instead read:

“though the actual noise she heard sounded more like barking; and
accompanied by approaching echoes.”

Mark S.