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My Post on the TLO

Posted in Uncategorized on October 11, 2015 by marksamuels

My Friends

I tried a number of times to reply to the recent thread over on the TLO, in response to support for my return.

Alas, my access to the site was blocked. So here, instead, is what I would have posted there, had I the chance:

“Well, I can see this definitely puts me in an awkward position. Some might have thought this thread was a cry for attention or meant to be controversial, but really it wasn’t. In fact, my upping the “numbers” at the start from 10 to 30 “thanks” was in the sure expectation it would finally rule me out of having to return here to the TLO. Not out of a fit of pique or self-aggrandisement on my part but simply because it would be a lot easier to have it hammered home how finally I am now wholly out of place here.

“The wave of encouragement by way of the “thanks” responses, however, gives me pause for thought and is possibly the most touching display of genuine empathy I have ever encountered online. And I thank you very much, all those who registered their support here.

“Elsewhere it was pointed out that this is the TLO not the “MSO” (God forbid!) and I think this is a very salient, relevant point. I am not a rival force, and don’t want to be, but am merely a small part of a weird fiction continuum. I don’t want attention distracted from Ligotti to my stupid sideshow. For one thing, I don’t deserve such attention, for another, it’s not why I joined in the first place, and I certainly don’t want it here. Or elsewhere.

“Well, that’s it really. Normal service resumed.

“But thank you all, so very much, for your kindness in the face of a well-organised, influential, often misinformed, yet determined opposition. It means a lot.

Mark S.