The Angelic Monster

I can’t claim the credit for this pointer, rather, the linked article is down to my old friend Karl from the TLO, but it’s very much worth sharing. Moreover, it’s from David Bentley Hart, whose superlative book, The Experience of God, I would definitely recommend to all and sundry of whatever philosophical persuasion. It’s one of those few books to survive my recent momentous upheaval and transition.

Anyway, here is DBH’s take. And God Bless good old Leon Bloy :

Mark S.

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  1. marksamuels Says:

    Lean on me, I won’t fall over

    Mark S.

  2. James Champagne Says:

    A very fascinating article… I didn’t even know that a new edition of “The Pilgrim of the Absolute” was available. I’ll have to order that soon…

    It’s a shame that many of Leon Bloy’s books haven’t been translated into English, though oddly most of his fiction has, with the exception of his first novel… I was really hoping that Snuggly would do a translation but when I inquired about it I was told they aren’t doing anymore Bloy for the time being. Having said that, Bloy’s portrayal/caricature of Huysmans in “The Woman who was Poor,” while amusing, was also somewhat criminally unfair!

    • marksamuels Says:

      I was about to delete my posting of that USM song: not through wanton caprice or inappropriateness but because I am becoming a bore. But since you’ve replied I suppose I shall, instead, post another tune.

      I tend to agree with you about ‘Bloy vs Huysmans’. Hopefully, their mutual discord has been resolved via Eternity.

      Mark S.

  3. manfred arcane Says:

    First time I hear of that new edition of “The Pilgrim of the Absolute”. Great news, that, given that those loveable speculators sure had their fun with the prices of old edition.
    Here’s hoping that some Christian press with wider reach will pick up his fiction. I love Wakefield and Snuggly as much as the next guy, but I doubt that one can amass even a two-digit number of their readers who are interested in Bloy on that basis.

    Anyway, Hart is a gud ‘un. His “Atheist Delusions” makes for some fun reading, second chapter is like this condensed version of Stark’s “Bearing False Witness”. Condensed, and with a healthy amount of venom poured in. Bloy would approve of his style.

  4. arthurstaaz Says:

    This is quite a coincidence. I came across a link to a review of Hart’s book of essays, A Splendid Wickedness. The review fascinated me, so I spent some time looking up more about Hart. And here I find a link to an article by Hart!

    I’ll definitely need to check out more Bloy. In case anyone is interested the review of Hart’s book of essays can be found at It contains a great Hart-inspired description of who/what God is.

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