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Greetings to those not in the psychopathic ward.


I suppose it might be of interest to (some) folk to know what’s gone up over on my Patreon page since I started it. I’ve been soliciting suggestions, from my kind patrons, for future material to be added.

Thus far, there’s a whole bunch of my unseen macabre “art-work”, including an aborted version of Lovecraft’s “The Hound” in comic-book format, my very first published (and never reprinted story) “Caught in the Rain” from Back Brain Recluse 11 (1988) as well as the original, quite different, unpublished first draft version from 1993 of “The Search for Kruptos”. The whole damnable project will, of course, be added to on a regular basis.

Here’s the link, as if you didn’t already know:


Mark S.

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