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Back by Popular Demand

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Dear [TLO controller]

Mark S.

Again, quit the TLO.

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“Dear [TLO controller]

I accept your apology.

Oh, by “acting on impulse” I don’t mean to say I doubt you’ve long had it in mind to ban me; one of the reasons I bailed out a few years ago was because you trumpeted in advance the likelihood of it publicly in some old thread on the TLO. I jumped then before I was pushed. Where I was in error was in returning thereafter, thinking cordial relations between us had successfully been restored. “Old grudges” indeed, but from your side, not mine.

But more importantly, you’ve completely failed to address my central and most important contention that a whole host of TLOers now feel they have carte blanche, under your own odd idea of civil discourse, to shout “Fascist! Nazi! Racist!” with impunity at any passing conservative who dares put their head above the parapet. You refuse to take account of repeated provocations from doctrinaire Leftists who characterise any opinion to the right of Antonio Gramsci as extremist and far-right. What I’m asking of you is to be consistent in all cases. Why? That’s obvious. It’s the role of a genuinely impartial moderator unmotivated by animus or political bias.

I can’t think of many people you’ve permanently, rather than temporarily, banned off the top of my head: [name redacted] and that strange, pseudononymous chap obsessed with Iran and Persian-Aryanism are the only two that immediately spring to mind (and, despite being on the end of a [name redacted] roasting myself, and receiving some rather foul screeds from the other chap denigrating Catholicism, I still argued publicly against banning either of them). I am aware though that some people, banned previously, have returned surreptitiously under a new moniker and/or ISP address (not a thing I would ever stoop to, I hasten to add!)

Interesting that you state there’s already a TLO panel “more or less” like the one I suggested. This is the first time I can recall hearing about it. Is its membership a closely-guarded secret and did you consult them all in my particular case? I was only aware of one other formalised administrator, [name redacted], and he, I believe, defers to your judgement in such matters. And tell me, when those former bans you mention were rescinded, who did the repentant souls apologise to, before promising to reform in future? You personally, the whole panel, the individual member complainants, or publicly to the TLO in general? Who actually advises offenders they’re banned? Are you, in fact, sole Judge and Jury?

Doubtless you will regard any remarks I make criticising anyone for whatever reason at all as support for your “persecution complex” theory about me. Does “civil discourse” consist of saying that because I strongly disagree with you I should forthwith seek psychiatric help? Such ill-informed armchair-psychology-baiting does you absolutely no credit, I’m afraid.

My suggestion: spend less time frantically virtue-signalling online and more time actually writing weird fiction. I spend less than an hour online everyday.

All best etc

Mark S.”


Quit the TLO

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Or deliberately get yourself thrown off. You know it, ultimately, makes sense. Messageboard notoriety of that kind is a complete waste of time.

Mark S.