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Here’s to not buggering it up

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Mark S.

The Crimson Fog now segues into: She’s Lost Control

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Raw Feed from social media.

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Here’s A Book Worthy of Your Consideration

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In this climate of all-encompassing censure it is important that we encourage independent voices, even if we disagree with them on ideological grounds. I agree with the appraisals in this book, save in certain minor graduations, but the first principle of freedom of expression remains. Free, critical evaluation is absolutely paramount. You have a duty to make up your own minds but certainly not to impose your views on others by weight of current cultural trends. So, buy this book.


Mark S.

Hold On, Stand Fast: The Armistice Centenary 1918-2018

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I remember all those fallen in the Great War for their country and for freedom:

(b. 1883) John Samuels (my great-grandfather) of the Royal Field Artillery.

I remember also his brothers, also fallen, most of the same regiment enlisted at Woolwich, but who all joined up for the same cause:

(b. 1885) William Samuels
(b. 1888) Joseph Samuels
(b. 1891) Harry Samuels
(b. 1893) Albert Samuels
(b. 1895) Frederick Samuels

Their blood still runs in my veins. Keep the home fires burning.

Until the next time.


Mark S.

We Have Already Won, But the News of Our Victory has not yet Leaked Out

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And yet, perhaps it is the case that those truly marked to die need a timely reminder of this fact.

Mark S.