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What’s Going On?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 29, 2018 by marksamuels

Basically, what’s going on is that all the relevant action has moved over to my Patreon account.

Right now, there’s the chance to follow a serial weird-gothic novel that is ongoing and genuinely creative instead of social-media fanboy confrontational. Literature lives and will live, and your boring ideology is not only dead, it’s also tedious and irrelevant.

Mark S.

Cuncti simus concanentes

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Ave Maria

Mark S.

Gaudete, Christus Est Natus

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Gaudete, gaudete Christus est natus, ex Maria, virgine gaudete.

It’s thoroughly disconcerting, but I accept that my faith requires me to rein in my customary ferocity during this holy season and show some restraint in the face of Eternity.  And I’m only human after all.

Mark S.