Still Spitting At Us In the Streets

I spend less than an hour each day online. The reason I do no more with social media, the reason I give no interviews, is because of the carefully targeted hate directed at me whatever I say. My words are twisted into tangled contempt. Not that I care. For every one of my unbiased recommendations there are now dozens of subsequent retractions for my work on the part of others. Still, it is a curious thing to be accused of “white supremacy” (as I have of late by a those on the TLO), especially when I am a Catholic. The last time I knelt in contrition and made my confession, it was to a black priest: I did so before an equal intercessor with whom I could unburden my conscience and ask mercy of my Maker. Such is the brotherhood of humankind.

Frankly, I don’t care much for secular experts in personal damnation, but I expect further blows to fall upon me at every disadvantageous opportunity. To reach out in comradeship to those less able is to always suffer accusations of false, self-serving friendship, so quiet perseverance in one’s own purpose is far better.

Mark S.

P.S. In other news THE PROZESS MANIFESTATIONS is available in paperback.

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