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No deal is still better than a bad deal

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And please sign this petition too if you have any respect at all for democracy rather than “liberal-leftist” despotism.

Mark S.

Lovely, lovely, lovely BBC

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Mark S.

Love Europa, Reject EU Slavery

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Sign this petition (if you are a UK, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth national) for the constitutional and temporary prorogation of a debased and plutocratic British Parliament which claims to “respect the will of the people” and yet is about to consign our democracy to the dustbin.

Mark S.


The Age of Decayed Futurity is Here and Now

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And don’t say I didn’t warn you, in advance, about the monstrous evil of it.

Mark S.

The People’s Flag Is Deepest Red

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James S

“I wish society would get over the idea that being indifferent to the suffering of people from different backgrounds is the impartial position when it is absolutely the conscious act of picking a horrible side.”


Ash Wednesday is upon us. Repentance is the order of things.

Mark S.