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The Decorative Imagination of Arthur Machen

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My copy of this volume from the publisher arrived today. I haven’t delved into all of its mysteries, but am looking forward to doing so. I’m afraid that my own entry therein, an essay regarding Machen and The “Celtic” Church has something of the tediously soporific about it in this age of secular materialism, but so it goes …

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The Democratic Fightback Is Now On Its Way

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Two Recent (well, recent-ish) Story Reprints in Prestigious “Year’s Best” Anthologies

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Just out, I think: “In The Complex” included in Stephen Jones’s Best New Horror #29 (PS Publishing)

Rather tardy in mentioning this one: “Moon Blood-Red, Tide Turning” included in Paula Guran’s The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2018 (Prime Books)

You will find me advertised under my usual nom-de-plumes of “And More” or else “And Many Others”.

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In Memory of the Fallen Free-Thinkers at the TLO

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Don’t you ever dare tell me there’s not a Leftist agenda.

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Keep Telling Your Lies

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You endlessly post social-media lies and try to curry favour therein, I carry on contributing to the continuum of weird fiction.

Posterity is my domain.

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Glyphotech and Other Macabre Processes now expanded

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The paperback version of this title, which can be obtained from Amazon, has now been updated to include two hard-to-find tales written roughly at the same period as the other tales in the book. The new additions, two vignettes or prose-poems, are “The Advent of the Strangers” and “A Slave of Melancholy”. The volume has also been entirely re-typeset, with a new rear cover. The front cover, however, remains the same. Amazon links to the book can be found on the sidebar or, if viewing via a mobile phone etc., at the bottom of the screen.

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Mind the Gap, Please

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Quite where this came from or who is reading it I have no idea: but it might be of interest to one or two folk.

There are quite a few other readings of tales of mine featured on this chap’s YouTube channel.

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