What the Hell is the TLO Now for Except for the Ego of Its Controller?

It’s about as much use as the EU whose greatest assets have already walked out (or are the verge of doing so ). All that remains are the virtue-signalling haters and reality-deniers clinging to its wreckage. They’re not unbiased or neutral, they’re not really interested in weird fiction; they want extreme Leftist supremacy at all costs. Conservatives like an an Aickman or a Machen, were those two around now, would be regarded as anathema simply for their politics rather than their ability. To extend the metaphor: If you support the current TLO you support the tyranny of the Left. This is not hyperbole. There is an extensive list of former, illustrious supporters who have left and are now highly conspicuous by their continued absence.


Mark S.

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