Tell One Lie to Hurt Us All, then Two to Make it True

And this is what passes, unchallenged, for truth on the TLO. Make a false accusation like that against the privileged TLO controller and see how you get on. Pathetic. If you can’t call a person fascist then why not try “alt-right” (whatever nonsense that is this week).

I really don’t know how some folk live with their consciences and their past utterances. Actually, I do. They’re avowed anti-democratic Marxists or sympathisers and no amount of misdirection, hatred, lies and wounding of others is beneath them in the idea that the end justifies their means. Sure, I’m a conservative and traditionalist . But I’m also a democrat, and fully prepared to stand against banning (even in this sad case where I reached out to the particular cry-bully poster in genuine sympathy) and the rights of free-speech, which you’re patently not willing to defend, to your eternal shame and as a genuine totalitarian.


Mark S.

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