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Yes, Today is indeed St. Crispin’s Day

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And I can’t resist commemorating it yet again by once more posting this clip on the 25th of October.


I mean, crikey! Even Pericles is now being retrospectively accused of the dread crime of “populism”.

Mark S.

Nobody But You

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I happen to like toast.

“Be not angry because you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.” Thomas à Kempis.


You’ll never be banned permanently from the TLO, my dear old chap. There’s always a home for you there. It really doesn’t matter what you do. Happy days!

Mark S.

Yikes! How Many More Souls Over at the TLO Must I Try to Save?

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I mean, come on, haven’t I already more than left my own now-indelible mark?

Mark S.

The Amusement Never Ends

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My dear “Prince James Zaleski” (aka) it ill behoves a self-described Corbynista to smear and damn impoverished and proletarian authors as both “far-right, etc. etc.” and “small press” when “evil capitalist corporations” unapologetically publish avowed Marxists and socialists in the global mass marketplace. Or have I missed some vital first principle here?

Mark S.

Welcome me to the Night Land

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… which I didn’t realise is now located in the Land of the Rising Sun. They’re very keen on William Hope Hodgson it seems (well, I’ve seen Matango, even if you haven’t).

Anyway, it’s a delight to announce that my first story to be translated into Japanese will be “Court of Midnight” in issue #19 of Night Land, that splendid country’s only weird fiction magazine. I’ve sort of lost track of all of my foreign language translations (I recall some German, Spanish, Russian et al) but this will be definitely the first time I’ve landed up in print on Nippon’s noble shores.

Here’s a link to the aforementioned magazine.

Mark S.


Can We Ever Stop Them? Some of Us are Gonna Try.

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Mark S.