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Gaudete at Xmas

Posted in Uncategorized on December 23, 2019 by marksamuels

I’m afraid it’s a festive tradition I feel I must maintain. Anyway, here it is.

“Chi-Rho” in the abbreviated title by the way. It’s entirely orthodox. That’s for the Greek scholars who generally know best. I am fed up with those who think what they don’t know is not worth knowing.

Mark S.

Mi Compadre, lo siento mucho.

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Mis palabras no es sufficiente por el triste en mi corazon en este momento. Adios, mi amigo Armando.

Picture 129

Mark S.

Mass Silence has Become a Democratic Roar Against Leftist Hypocrites and Virtue-Signallers

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I told you this would happen. And thank God it has. Total defeat of you and your ideology is all you merit. Goodbye and goodnight Mr Corbyn and all your feverish Marxist acolytes. Reality bites.

Mark S.

Don’t be a mug on the 12th of December

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Conservatives 2019

Or you might end up with the booby prize of all booby prizes.


No need for me personally to be on Twitter or Facebook. My agents are everywhere …


Mark S.