The Complete Decline of the TLO

Having looked at the place for the first time in months, I think it’s now safe to write off the TLO entirely. I don’t take any pleasure from the fact, quite the contrary, but when only two or three people post there regularly and it’s the same old miniature crew who drove out absolutely everyone else with anything of any interest to say and with anything worthwhile to contribute (and even its current dregs now first appear on Twitter; which, of course, is the modern equivalent of urban graffiti) … well, I suppose it’s what’s termed a prryhic victory for those now wholly in possession. The place is a nihilistic wasteland wherein its controller keeps it going wholly for his own self-advertising endeavours. Quite what this commercialism has to do with nihilism is beyond me. Then again nihilism has, I suppose, never had a claim to consistency. What a fall from its previous heights! Well done. But I told you so.

Mark S.




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