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“St. George for Merry England!”

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Adsit Anglis Sanctus Georgius…

Mark S.

Lockdown in Witch-Cult Abbey

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witch-cult lockdown



Here am I clutching one of my author’s copies, and seen from outside my garret, through the veils and the reflections of my front window, as photographed by a kindly visitor who was determined to mark the occasion of the arrival of my latest novel …

Mark S.

I’m Genuinely Confused About Which One is Real…

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Is it this:

Or is it this:

Please advise.

Mark S.


Left and Right: the War is Over

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Put aside old political grievances. We all need one another. We need to trust one another in these monstrously dark times. Whether you are Tory or Socialist: we are all human beings. And more unites us than could ever divide us.

Mark S.