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But this “ethos” also encompasses euthanasia, viz, from the TLO:


“A bidet in a bathroom”? Give me a break. This is “compassion as pathology”. As I explained in an essay in my book Prophecies and Dooms:

“Now, since human consciousness is a “mistake”, what solution do Zapffe and Ligotti offer to rectify the problem? Simple; that man cease to reproduce himself and that the species gradually ease itself voluntarily into non-existence. It all sounds so non-confrontational, peace-loving and warmly fuzzy in a nice liberal way. And this solution, in the guise of the antinatalism (hereafter AN) movement, has certainly been gathering followers lately, and is something of a phenomenon on internet social media. You soon discover that these are actually highly vociferous people who also routinely advocate dissemination of euthanasia, sterilization, abortion and suicide, on the borderland of obsession. If you have never been on the receiving end of these people’s ferocious tolerance, I can only say I envy you.

Admittedly I find it hard to accept their “elimination-of-humanity-as-a-whole” to be in the nature of a moral goal, and those people would, I imagine, be duly outraged by someone advocating the disappearance of individual yet collective groupings of humanity; for example, women, Jews, Gypsies or Blacks. Think of how many unborn generations were “spared having been brought into the suffering that is existence” by the efficiency of the industrial killing methods employed by totalitarian regimes. Indeed, the grim end-logic of the AN movement is that any relatively painless and quick act that leads to the destruction of human beings is not necessarily a crime at all, but rather a pre-emptive act of mercy killing.”

The TLO has become a self-censoring philosophical cult. It does not allow anything other than circumscribed debate.

Mark S.

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