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Mass Silence has Become a Democratic Roar Against Leftist Hypocrites and Virtue-Signallers

Posted in Uncategorized on December 12, 2019 by marksamuels

I told you this would happen. And thank God it has. Total defeat of you and your ideology is all you merit. Goodbye and goodnight Mr Corbyn and all your feverish Marxist acolytes. Reality bites.

Mark S.

Don’t be a mug on the 12th of December

Posted in Uncategorized on December 9, 2019 by marksamuels

Conservatives 2019

Or you might end up with the booby prize of all booby prizes.


No need for me personally to be on Twitter or Facebook. My agents are everywhere …


Mark S.

Witch-Cult Abbey

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The hardback limited edition of my latest novel, in various lettered, numbered, et al, incarnations is now available for pre-order from Zagava.

Enjoy them while you can.

Mark S.





Jumping the Shark

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Mark S.

Yes, Today is indeed St. Crispin’s Day

Posted in Uncategorized on October 25, 2019 by marksamuels

And I can’t resist commemorating it yet again by once more posting this clip on the 25th of October.


I mean, crikey! Even Pericles is now being retrospectively accused of the dread crime of “populism”.

Mark S.

True Blasphemy

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Oh, I think blasphemy is equally applicable to those who dare to stray from the path of atheism, scientism and nihilism. Especially on the TLO. So much for its professed values of  “inclusion and tolerance”. Go preach your warped gospel of atheist post-Enlightenment to the Muslims in China and to Christians worldwide and also in North Korea. All martyrs to the philosophical-materialist yoke you adore so very much.

Taking moral lectures from those who regard morality as a game of who comes out on top on social media and in this venal world, rather than upholding an objective, reasoned standard is absolutely pointless. Even for the most lukewarm of theists. One (me, for example) can scarcely put such an argument forward on a platform when one has been permanently banned if the sole moderator has been co-opted by a gang of pessimistic fanatics seeking to form their own sect. Of course if you really believed in free speech and debate you’d be petitioning for my return.

“The TLO as a place to represent the whole of weird fiction”? Give me a break. It’s now a safe space for the wilfully and gleefully depressed who do not wish to change but require self-affirmation.

Any orthodox Abrahamic monotheist, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim, left on the TLO had better start rapidly examining their own consciences. The deal there is you either shut up, or the mob, and its dictatorial enabler, will soon shut you up.

But why you’re at it, Bendk, why not try dragging the family of anyone who dares disagree with you into the equation? You yourself have specialised in such disgusting tactics in the past. As I know all too well, and, moreover, so do you.

Mark S.